Tuesday, 16 July 2013

                                            THE PANDEMONIUM
‘You will never amount to anything you are a fat disgusting human being. Your acting skills are a joke the and you dance like a frog in a blender! You are lucky I can’t kick you out of my club!’ Sarah could still hear her drama teacher’s words as she turned and tossed in the pancake of sponge they called a mattress. The cold metallic rims of her bed prodded through her love handles and her bunkmates’ snoring further agonised her. It had been a horrible day but no different from her days in Mt Sinai high school, a prestigious national school. She was the envy of her peers, if only they knew. Hell was not enough to describe her time there. She was surrounded by fake bitchy people, the wannabees and that drama teacher. Mr. Owen. She hated him. She hated him for constantly humiliating her in front of her drama team and the whole school. He made it clear for anybody who cared to listen how much he hated her. She had joined drama club to escape her misery, little had she known she had jumped from the frying pan into a volcano of boiling lava .she hated how people stared at her as she walked by head hung low and shoulders hunched, how her name was constantly on the mouths of her schoolmates. Sarah was an angry girl; her anger was so fiery that it could melt hell and burn Satan too.’ I will show them, that stupid drama teacher and his posy of posers .I will show them what am capable of.’ she thought with half a snarl as she drifted into slumber.
Sarah was woken up by the raging voice of her form four bunkmate demanding for water.’ Get it yourself!’ she shouted back. She was sick of that girl making her her own personal underling. She could hear her fellow dorm mates gasp in horror. ‘Sarah must have a death wish!’ she heard someone whisper. Her bunk mate Linda, was a 'Tres Bitch' or 'Queen Bitch' if you please. She could make your life a horrendous nightmare and everyone knew better than to cross her. Even the teachers were terrified of her, not just because she was a morbidly overweight irate girl but also because her father was a very high-ranking person in government and one phone call to daddy dearest could leave you out in the street cold and scavenging for leftovers. Literally .Legend had it that a teacher dared cross her and she was never heard from again.’
‘Did you just try and insubordination the queen bee? ‘Linda bellowed.’ Actually its insubordinate smart ass.’Sarah piped back. She was on a roll, Linda would know better after she was through with her. ’How dare you?’Linda said her puffy face red with anger. Before Sarah could reply Linda’s colossal hand landed on her face, sending her reeling across the floor, ringing sounds in her ear. Before she could even process the pain her attacker yanked her hair and smacked her again. Sarah had had enough, enough of the bullying and snarky comments. Fueled by blinding fury she grabbed her pair of scissors from her locker and lunged at Linda stabbing her in the stomach. Her vision now blurred in bloody ecstasy, she slashed Linda’s hand as the other lasses screamed in shock. Linda   landed on the ground sending an earthquake all over the school. Sarah’s vision suddenly cleared. She looked around chaos,panic,disorder. A pandemonium! It became apparent what she had done, her bloody hands, the sharp scissors in her hand and Linda lying on the ground writhing in pain . She had  almost killed Linda! It was nauseating. Her head spun.Her mouth dropped and the ringing sound in her ear got louder. She had not meant to hurt Linda; she dropped to the ground in utter anguish waiting for the mob that had now gathered around her to maul her. They were girls everywhere, some screaming, some baying for Sarah’s blood some trying their first aid skills and others trying to lift the mammoth that was Linda. In panic Sarah decided to make a run for it, but the mob would have none of it, they grabbed her and rained blows and kicks on her.’ Stop! She had the all familiar voice of the principal as her vision got blurred, she could taste her blood and everything went black.
When Sarah came to, her nose was assaulted by the acrid smell of the hospital sanitizer, her hand shackled to the hospital bed, her mother weeping quietly beside her bed. The chaotic memories of what had had transpired that morning came to her as she stared at her foot that had been slung above her bed. Looking around, she saw a policeman outside her door.’ This has to be a nightmare’ she thought to herself as she closed her eyes ones again drifting into a sedated slumber….

   To be Continued

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